mvebu - Winbond flash chip support - why is the fix from Kaloz not merged?
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Hannu Nyman
2018-03-20 16:46:22 UTC
New WRT3200ACM routers are unflashable due to a changed flash chip that is

There is a fix proposal from Kaloz, authored on 15th of February, in his
staging repo, but that is still uncommitted to the main sources for some
reason. Announcing the fix:



Based on forum discussion, the solution works ok.


If Kaloz is not committing that to master repo by himself, could somebody
else with commit rights merge that commit.

Likely the solution should also be backported into the 17.01 branch, so that
the possbile future stable release 17.01.5 also works.

Or are the devs waiting for a more perfect solution?

(New Linksys GPL sources for WRT3200ACM suggest that they teach mtd about the
new flash chips more detailedly)

Hopefully some of the mvebu maintainers take the issue seriously. In any
case, new WRT3200ACM routers being incompatible with Openwrt is annoying.