(V)HT mode selection for meshpoint (was "ath10k + ap + encryption")
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Sven Eckelmann
2018-04-09 08:22:59 UTC
So been running this mesh patch on 4 routers in my home for over a month and it works great !
Reporting my feedback to see if it can be in the next release of LEDE .
Felix Fietkau worked hard to get something into LEDE. I think all(?) relevant
changes [1] are now in LEDE master (added 21 days ago). So you could try the
current master and send him some feedback.

We have now noticed that your related change [1] will create a VHT80 mesh
interface when you specified VHT40 in for the wifi-device. For example like
the this configuration:

config wifi-device 'radio1'
option type 'mac80211'
option channel '44'
option disabled '0'
option beacon_int '100'
option distance '300'
option path 'platform/soc/a800000.wifi'
option htmode 'VHT40'
option noscan '1'
option ldpc '0'
option hwmode '11na'
option txpower '26'

config wifi-iface 'wmesh3'
option device 'radio1'
option ifname 'mesh3'
option network 'mesh3'
option mode 'mesh'
option mesh_id 'mesh'
option disabled '0'
option mcast_rate '18000'
option mesh_ttl '1'
option mesh_fwding '0'
option region_disable '0'
option macaddr 'AE:86:74:AB:77:F5'
option encryption 'psk2'
option key 'fb719b4e5ecd1bca734c1af1b59d28c7'

The new interface then looks like:

Interface mesh3
ifindex 8
wdev 0x100000003
addr ae:86:74:ab:77:f5
type mesh point
channel 44 (5220 MHz), width: 80 MHz, center1: 5210 MHz
txpower 23.00 dBm

Problem is here that max_oper_chwidth is not parsed by
wpa_supplicant_join_mesh and instead overwritten by it. It will therefore just
use the highest oper mode it can use for the selected frequency. And because
vht is also overwritten, the same will happen with HT40.

Kind regards,

[1] https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commit;h=d91494eedf06ac6b31c1aa9f7172871b16af96c8